We will be offering lessons for skiing and snowboarding this season in a one on one format to protect the health and safety of our guests and instructors. If your selected time slot is sold out, you may choose another time slot or another day.

Our private lessons can accommodate all skill levels. If there is a specific issue or technique you would like to work on, please note it in the "special instructions" when checking out.


Skier Ability Levels    Snowboarder Ability Levels 
Beginner   Beginner 
Level 1 - Never skied before   Level 1 - Never snowboarded before 
Level 2 - Can ski in a cautious wedge   Level 2 - Can side slip on toe or heel, sliding left and right
Level 3 - Make round turns with confidence on green runs   Level 3 - Able to slide left and right in control on both edges; complete independent heel and toe turns on green runs 
Intermediate   Intermediate 
Level 4 - Link turns with speed control; bring skis parallel at the end of turns on green and easier blue runs   Level 4 - Complete linked toe and heel turns on green runs, looking toward easier blue runs 
Level 5 - Confident on green and easier blue runs; ski mostly parallel, may wedge or step to initiate turns   Level 5 - Complete linked turns on toe and heel side on green and blue runs
Level 6 - Use a parallel stance on smooth blue runs; testing your skills on varied terrain and snow conditions   Level 6 - Comfortably linking turns with minimal traverse on all blue and easier black runs
Advanced   Advanced 
Level 7 - Controlled parallel turns; maintain rhythm and speed control on groomed black runs   Level 7 - Link turns with rhythm and flow on difficult blue and most black runs
Level 8 - Ski with good technique on all terrain and snow conditions; use carved short radius turns   Level 8 - Ride with good technique on all terrain and snow conditions